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I forgot my password. How do I get a new password?

We can send you an email to help you recover your password. If you've provided a password hint on your account, we'll include that to help jog your memory. If you still can't remember it, or if you didn't enter a password hint originally, then you'll find a link that will let you reset your password to something new. To get started

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How much is shipping? When will my order ship?

We do not make money on shipping; instead we simply pass on the costs. We are adamantly opposed to packaging or handling charges. 

UPS or FedEx? It's your pick! Some people like UPS, others like FedEx, so we decided to let you choose! You can ship Next Day, Second Day, Third Day, or Ground Shipping. 

We also ship to Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Shipments to Canada take up to a week and the other countries can take up to 2 weeks. 

Please feel free to look up rate quotes and transit times below so you can get a sense for how much and when you will receive your order. 

Can I ship to multiple addresses?

You sure can. Simply add all the items into your cart, choose “Ship items to multiple addresses,” click “Continue,” and take stuff out of your cart for each additional address to which you’d like us to ship. For more information

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Where's my stuff?

Occasionally, a carrier might scan a package and state that it was delivered before it actually arrives at its final destination. Quite frankly, we think that's NUTS! If within a few hours, you still do not have your package